Day 100 Completed

I finished day 100 and also the epilogue. I actually took my test last night. I got two questions wrong. One because I didn’t read the question carefully enough and another because I didn’t know the right answer.

I spent the previous week and a half going over all the review questions and one thing that became clear is that I still don’t understand some of the topics as well as I’d like. I definitely plan on going back over some of the material, and I’ve already started that. I think I’m also going to do the Ulimate Portfolio App next as well. It seems to be the next logical step from the options I’ve researched.

Additionally, I want to submit an app to the app store in the next month or two. I guess I’ll set myself a deadline of June 1st to get that out. It’s mostly done but there are a few adjustments I want to make.

One last note, it took me roughly 160 days to get through the 100 days. I’ve been in IT for quite awhile but programming is new to me, other than some basic programming, scripts, database management and some courses I took in college years ago.

One last last note. Thanks to those of you on this forum(the Hacking with Swift forum) who helped answer my questions and provided support my second time through. Using this forum was what gave me the motivation and understanding to be able to get through the tough spots.

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