Day 95 Completed

I finished day 95. This was an interesting challenge. It wasn’t too difficult except for the timer bit. That took a little bit of thinking on my part and I had to walk away from it and come back before I was able to get it working. I implemented all the challenges within the challenge except for the accessibility stuff. I wasn’t trying to make a polished app with this, I just wanted to get it functioning. In light of that it wasn’t really visually pleasing and I wasn’t looking to implement accessibility. Basically, it was downright ugly, but it worked. I have been wanting to make a dice rolling app for awhile so this is likely one I will continue to refine or entirely redo. As far as my code went, it worked, but as always, Paul’s solution was alot more refined. It didn’t occur to me to do the die rolling inside the struct itself, but I did use a timer implementation similar to his. One more project left.

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