Day 82

I finished day 82. This day wasn’t too difficult. Some of this stuff I’ve played around with before. I definitely learned some new things. I looked ahead at tomorrow’s work and it looks like several longer videos for tomorrow, so it will probably take two days to get through that as I have a busy weekend planned.

Day 81 Completed

I finished day 81. Some interesting topics here to explore in more detail later. I’ve been wanting to know how to do notifications for awhile, mainly badges, so that’s something I can investigate further if it’s not explained more over the next couple of days. Context menus and the swipe buttons are thing I didn’t know about, so that was good to learn and I’m sure I can implement those somewhere in the near future.

Day 80 Completed

I finished day 80. I’ve found some things confusing in this lesson. I may need to return to it later. I have found that I seem to eventually get the things I initially find confusing. Sometimes, it takes some time though. Sometimes, I have to see it used in active code and then come back to it a couple of more times before things finally click. So, I’m going to just accept being somewhat confused at the moment.

Day 79 Completed

I finished day 79. This was a short day. Two short videos. I played around with TabView before in an app I made for myself, but Paul went into more detail that what I had discovered on my own. @EnvironmentObject was new to me. I’ve seen others use it in their code but I didn’t know what it’s purpose was until now.

Day 78 Completed

I finished day 78. This was a somewhat difficult challenge but I got through it. I did have to go back and look at the previous projects to get it all working.

If you’re using the simulator rather than a real device, you can fake a location by going to the Debug menu and choosing Location > Apple.

On mine, it was under the Features menu

Also, I did not implement this:

Tip: If you want to make your app really useful, try setting the sourceType property of your image picker controller to .camera so that it lets user take new photos rather than import existing ones.

I’m not seeing where to set this. After doing some searching online, it looks more complicated to figure out than what I want to do at the moment. If I decide I want to use that functionality at a later time I’ll into it, or maybe I’ll post about it on the forum.

Day 77 Completed

I finished day 77. I found this to be a difficult challenge and very frustrating, but I was able to complete it. The very last line of the lesson is:

Remember, you already know everything you need to make this work – good luck!

I question whether that was true. I got stuck on figuring out the code for loading the saved image back into the user interface. I eventually searched online but only found information on how to save a jpeg, which was already in the lesson, but I couldn’t find anything on how to load a saved image from a file. I gave up looking online and was going to post a question on the forum, but I took a break and came back to it and ended up figuring it out. I kind of stumbled across the answer by playing around with some things but the one particular line of code I used, I don’t ever recall learning. I searched through my notes afterwards and I didn’t find it there either.

Anyway, I figured it out by trying to save one particular file and reload that one particular file and then once I got that working, I implemented it for all the items in the list.

I also used the underscore before the State property in the intializer for the detail view to load the image for the selected item. So, I am able to implement that even if I still don’t really understand it.

Day 76 Completed

I finished day 76. The challenges in this day were relatively straightforward. I did have to do a little searching to figure out how to scroll using VoiceOver because I’m not really familiar with it. Also, going back and looking at the Moonshot App, I feel like I’ve forgotten alot of stuff at this point. I may need to review the videos for that app. I also want to go back over the BucketList app because there is some stuff in there using underscores on State properties in a View’s initializer that I’m still not understanding.