Day 87 Completed

I finished day 87. I found today a little easier than yesterday with the exception of the optional animation function. That was a bit confusing. Timers are definitely useful and I implemented one a while back in one of my apps from some stuff I found online, so it’s good to actually have it explained it a little more detail. Sometime, I’m able to get things working but I have no idea why they work which can be problematic when they stop working. Timers are also something I know I’ll be using in the future as well. I’m not sure how I’ll utilize the information about apps being active, inactive, or in the background but that may become clearer as I work through this project.

I have my own personal flashcard app that I built, so I am very interested in upgrading it with whatever Paul has done in this app. It also was one of my early apps, so I really do want to go back and improve it with all the things I’ve learned to this point. So, in general I am really interested in this particular project. I am feeling like I want this course to be done at this point, simply because it has been a long haul and alot of work. At the same time, I’m pondering what I’m going to do next; the Ultimate Portfolio App, 100 Days of Swift, Pro Swift,…Anyway, right now I need to keep plodding along to make it to the finish.

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