Day 85 Completed

I finished day 85. I didn’t find the challenges to be too difficult, though I did need to refer back to my notes. It’s amazing how quickly I forget some of this stuff even though some of it I’ve done numerous times. I’ve worked quite a bit now with encoding and decoding json and writing it out to a file, yet I can never seem to remember all the steps without referring to my notes. With confirmation dialogs, this was the first time I actually implemented that on my own so that makes sense that I wouldn’t remember the steps there, though they are very similar to alerts.

Also, my solutions weren’t nearly as elegant as Paul’s, but I’m really still just a beginner with all of this, so I’m if I can just get it working that’s what matters most to me.

On a final note, I completely forgot why we implemented objectWillChange.send() in this project, so I’m going to want to review that at some point.

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