Day 77 Completed

I finished day 77. I found this to be a difficult challenge and very frustrating, but I was able to complete it. The very last line of the lesson is:

Remember, you already know everything you need to make this work – good luck!

I question whether that was true. I got stuck on figuring out the code for loading the saved image back into the user interface. I eventually searched online but only found information on how to save a jpeg, which was already in the lesson, but I couldn’t find anything on how to load a saved image from a file. I gave up looking online and was going to post a question on the forum, but I took a break and came back to it and ended up figuring it out. I kind of stumbled across the answer by playing around with some things but the one particular line of code I used, I don’t ever recall learning. I searched through my notes afterwards and I didn’t find it there either.

Anyway, I figured it out by trying to save one particular file and reload that one particular file and then once I got that working, I implemented it for all the items in the list.

I also used the underscore before the State property in the intializer for the detail view to load the image for the selected item. So, I am able to implement that even if I still don’t really understand it.

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