Day 73 Completed

I finished day 73. This was kind of a weird challenge day. The first challenge had to do with the + button for adding new locations, being hard to tap. Only, it wasn’t hard to tap for me. And moving the modifier to the lmage in the label really didn’t change anything that I could tell. The second challenge, I really didn’t see as an issue except for on an iPod Touch. Otherwise FaceID or TouchID automatically generate their own prompts if authentication fails. The third challenge was fairly straight forward except for figuring out this line of code in the intitializer:

_viewModel = StateObject(wrappedValue: ViewModel(location: location))

Once, I got that working correctly, the rest of it was fine.

Update: Turns out I was wrong about the plus button. My original BucketList app quit working and was crashing every time I tried running it and I wanted to redo it anyway because there were some things I didn’t understand. Anyway, after looking at challenge 1 again, I was playing around with the wrong button and moving the modifiers does make things work better.

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