Day 68 Completed

I finished day 68.

Quote from today’s lesson: “You’ll be pleased to know that today is the easiest day you will have had in a while.”

I did not find that to be the case. Yesterday’s lesson was definitely easier and there have been other ones, recently, that I found easier than today. Today was quite a bit of a review for me because I had implemented the material in these lessons before, with the exception of the Comparable protocol. However the following challenge took awhile for me to implement:

“Before we move on, here’s a small challenge for you: back in project 8 we looked at how to create a generic extension on Bundle that let us find, load, and decode any Codable data from our app bundle. Can you write something similar for the documents directory, perhaps making it an extension on FileManager?”

I had actually done this challenge and implemented it before, but it had been awhile since I had looked at it. I figured it out again, but got stuck on one point and I ended up looking at my previous work to remember what I did.

Trying to remember all this stuff can be challenging at times.

The reason I had gone over this material before now was I wanted to learn how to save data to files and not use UserDefaults. I had made several apps for myself that were using UserDefaults to save stuff and I wanted to figure out how to write everything out to files. So, I found the Writing data to the documents directory lesson and implemented it. Now, I’ve found myself trying to do the same thing with CoreData.

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