Day 94 Completed

I finished day 94. In spite of my difficulties with this project and its complexity, I was able to complete the challenges. I felt they were fairly easy. For challenge one, my code exactly matched Paul’s. For challenge two, my code was slightly different in one spot but accomplished the same thing and for challenge three I took a different approach. I interpreted the challenge somewhat differently than I think what he had in mind but it all worked and I’m fine with it. If I ever want to implement this stuff, I’ll definitely need to spend more time on it. I missed several questions in the wrap-up. In spite of going over the videos several times, I don’t feel there was enough practice in this project for things to be able to sink in for me. I don’t plan on spending any more time on it at the moment either but I may revisit it at another time.

Day 93 Completed

I finished day 93. This is quickly becoming my least favorite project. Like yesterday, the first video was ok but the next two were somewhat overwhelming. The effects Paul can generate are really impressive. Without spending significant time playing around with GeometryReaders I’m not likley to be able to produce anything similar and I’m not likely to remember much of this as I really don’t see where I’d implement this in any of my current apps. I think it’s cool and worthwhile, I just don’t see myself using it right now. This project somewhat reminds me of the shapes and animation project though I had more fun with that one. I’ll be glad to put this project behind me. I may try playing around with it more later today. Not sure at the moment.

Day 92 Completed

I finished day 92. The first video I found to be fairly easy and the first half of the second video as well. After that it started to get complicated. I followed what Paul was doing but I doubt I could implement it myself. There didn’t seem be much discussion about dimensions that we had coming in and how they work. I watched the second two videos twice and played around with it some on my own but I’m still not totally getting it. I may go back to it. I may not.

Day 91 Completed

I finished day 91. I spent an extra day rebuilding the app from days 88-90 because I was a little confused in a couple of spots. I was able to make sense of everything the second time around.

The first challenge for today was really easy and I thought this was going to be a cakewalk. On the second challenge, I was scratching my head for a bit, but it didn’t take too long before I figured it out. I was thinking about extending Shape but I wasn’t sure how to do it and I ended up using a custom modifier. The third challenge was brutal and I didn’t think I was going to be able to figure it out, but after walking away and coming back to it, I was able to come up with an answer. It was somewhat similar to Paul’s initial solution. His final solution though makes the app animation look much better than my solution did, but I’m just happy I was able to figure it out on my own. The bonus challenges I implemented as an extension to FileManager, probably not the best place to put it, but it worked.

I really like this app and I plan on repurposing parts of it for my own use. One of the first apps I made was a flashcard app that I still use so I want to combine techniques from this one with it.

Day 90 Completed

I finished day 90. This day was ok. Before, moving on to day 91, I will probably go back over the last few days and rebuild the app because I feel like there are a few things I didn’t quite grasp. I’d rather take an extra day and cement those things in my brain before moving on to the challenge day. There are definitely some things I plan on implementing from this app into my own projects.

Day 89 Completed

I finished day 89. I found today to be easier than yesterday. The videos were shorter as well. I still think I need to go back over day 88 but I don’t have the time or motivation to do it today, so maybe this weekend.

At this point in the course, I’m able to make functional apps for myself that work and are helpful, but I don’t really have Paul’s flair, or others for that matter, for making them look nice. I can get the nuts and bolts working but the presentation isn’t really there. I’m not sure if that’s something I need to spend more time working on or if it’s simply an ability I don’t have.

Day 88 Completed

I finished day 88. I almost forgot to do it today, which is a first. I got busy this morning with other projects and was going to sit down to do some work on one of my personal apps that I use and I realized I hadn’t done today’s lesson yet.

There’s some stuff in today’s lesson that I’m kind of fuzzy on. I am somewhat tired today as well; not sure why exactly. So, I’m sure that’s impacting my cognitive abilities today. Anyway, the effects in the lesson are really nice and it looks good. I may go back and review this stuff again, but right now I’m not in the right state of mind to process any more.

Day 87 Completed

I finished day 87. I found today a little easier than yesterday with the exception of the optional animation function. That was a bit confusing. Timers are definitely useful and I implemented one a while back in one of my apps from some stuff I found online, so it’s good to actually have it explained it a little more detail. Sometime, I’m able to get things working but I have no idea why they work which can be problematic when they stop working. Timers are also something I know I’ll be using in the future as well. I’m not sure how I’ll utilize the information about apps being active, inactive, or in the background but that may become clearer as I work through this project.

I have my own personal flashcard app that I built, so I am very interested in upgrading it with whatever Paul has done in this app. It also was one of my early apps, so I really do want to go back and improve it with all the things I’ve learned to this point. So, in general I am really interested in this particular project. I am feeling like I want this course to be done at this point, simply because it has been a long haul and alot of work. At the same time, I’m pondering what I’m going to do next; the Ultimate Portfolio App, 100 Days of Swift, Pro Swift,…Anyway, right now I need to keep plodding along to make it to the finish.

Day 86 Completed

I finished day 86. I found the material on gestures to be very interesting and I was able to practice it and get an effect I’ve been wanting to implement in one of my apps which is great. Anytime I can immediately implement this stuff in my own code, it helps reinforce the learning process for me. I found the material on haptics to be less interesting. The code was rather complicated and I personally don’t like haptics. I don’t like my phone buzzing and vibrating and I turn it off whenever I can. I realize other people may rely on it, but it’s really not for me. It’s definitely good to know about it and how it works if I ever decide to implement though.

Day 85 Completed

I finished day 85. I didn’t find the challenges to be too difficult, though I did need to refer back to my notes. It’s amazing how quickly I forget some of this stuff even though some of it I’ve done numerous times. I’ve worked quite a bit now with encoding and decoding json and writing it out to a file, yet I can never seem to remember all the steps without referring to my notes. With confirmation dialogs, this was the first time I actually implemented that on my own so that makes sense that I wouldn’t remember the steps there, though they are very similar to alerts.

Also, my solutions weren’t nearly as elegant as Paul’s, but I’m really still just a beginner with all of this, so I’m if I can just get it working that’s what matters most to me.

On a final note, I completely forgot why we implemented objectWillChange.send() in this project, so I’m going to want to review that at some point.