Day 57 Completed

I finished day 57. Some slightly confusing stuff. I messed around with constraints and NSMergePolicy. The merge policy seems somewhat arbitrary to me. I used some sample data and at first it seemed like it was preferring the newest changes but then it would oddly pick other items in the middle of my list, so I’m not sure why it’s choosing the ones it’s choosing.

Tomorrow looks like a tough day, three long videos. I’m not going to even try to compelete it in one day. It may actually take me three to get through it all, though it’s all stuff I’m looking forward to learning, because I don’t know enough about Core Data yet to really be able to implement it. The two topics I want to learn are one-to-many relationships and dynamic sorting which are both in tomorrow’s lesson.

Originally posted on Feb 16, 2022 on

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