Day 46 Completed

I finished day 46.

I didn’t find the first two challenges too difficult, though it took a little more work than I thought it would to get the arrow to look the way I wanted it. I also took a different approach to animating the thickness, in that I set a length variable on my arrow, configured animatableData on length, but I watched a thickness variable and used .stroke(.blue, lineWidth: thickness) and an animation modifier set to watch changes in thickness, which I changed with a slider.

On the third challenge, I didn’t read it carefully enough and thought all we were doing was making a colorCyclingRectangle which seemed simple enough. I didn’t notice the additional values Paul wanted us to add until I looked at his solution and I’m totally ok with that. There are some cool things in this project but there are also some that I don’t really care to look into any deeper right now, and I’m perfectly fine with moving on.

I have spent a good deal of time over the last couple of days drawing things, playing with rotations, and animating stuff that was outside of the scope of the project and some of this stuff is fun to just play with.

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