Day 64 Completed

I finished day 64. This one took me two days and I don’t really feel confident that I understand what was covered. I went over the videos a couple of times and I can follow what Paul’s doing but without having his code to refer to, there’s no way I could implement it. Not feeling too good about this project in general.

But I could definitely, relate to this quote from the video:

…before you decide to throw this project away and burn your computer, let’s get this over and done with…

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Day 61 Completed

I finished day 61. My solution was nowhere near as elegant as Paul’s, but it did work. I didn’t find it to be too difficult but I got stuck at one point because my stored data wasn’t matching the downloaded data, until I realized I was dealing with a many to many relationship. I also added different views so I could tell whether I was working with cached data or not.

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Day 60 Completed

I finished day 60. This one took three days. I’ve been playing around with converting JSON quite a bit, but I still had to take this one a bite at a time and first try hand decoding part of one record, and then hand decoding one whole record, and then hand decoding multiple records, and then putting the file in the bundle and decoding it from there, and then working on getting it from the Internet. I did manage to successfully do it all on my own with one minor glitch so I am happy about that. I did of course have to review my notes and previous lessons but I was able to put the pieces together.

Paul’s solution makes it seem so easy, but it was an uphill climb for me.

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Day 59 Completed

I finished day 59. This was probably my least favorite day out of all 59 so far. I didn’t understand what the first two challenges wanted, until I looked at the solution. I was able to follow the solutions and understand them but I prefer to be able to work them out myself and I wasn’t able to do that because I didn’t understand clearly what was being asked.

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Day 58 Completed

I finished day 58. This one took three days as I had anticipated. There was definitely some stuff here that was over my head, but Paul said it was optional, so I’m going to let it go. I watched all the videos at least twice. I was able to implement the majority of the things he went over in my own apps. Tomorrow is a challenge day.

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Day 57 Completed

I finished day 57. Some slightly confusing stuff. I messed around with constraints and NSMergePolicy. The merge policy seems somewhat arbitrary to me. I used some sample data and at first it seemed like it was preferring the newest changes but then it would oddly pick other items in the middle of my list, so I’m not sure why it’s choosing the ones it’s choosing.

Tomorrow looks like a tough day, three long videos. I’m not going to even try to compelete it in one day. It may actually take me three to get through it all, though it’s all stuff I’m looking forward to learning, because I don’t know enough about Core Data yet to really be able to implement it. The two topics I want to learn are one-to-many relationships and dynamic sorting which are both in tomorrow’s lesson.

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Day 56 Completed

I finished day 56. I found this to be one of the easier set of challenges.

I also converted my todo app over to Core Data. I have lost some functionality. Sorting no longer animates. I did some research and it looks like I need to do dynamic sorting to be able to get that back, which apparently is coming up on Day 58. I also lost the ability to move items around using the .onMove(perform: moveRows) modifier. Trying to figure out the right code for that is beyond my abilities at the moment. I can use a priority field to achieve a similar result but it doesn’t look as nice.

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Day 55 Completed

I finished day 55. I found this day to be fairly easy. We’ll see how the challenges go tomorrow. I also want to redo my own todo list app that I’ve made to use Core Data so I can get some more practice with it. It currently works fine saving and loading the data to a JSON file, but I need a way to practice these new skills or I’ll soon forget them.

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