Day 35 Completed

I finished day 35. I have a basic Multiply app up and working following the guidelines Paul listed. I’m not sure if I’ll spend any more time on this app or not. I certainly could add animations, images and refine the layout, but I also have other apps I’m working on, so I may just spend time on those.

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Day 34 Completed

I finished day 34. I was scratching my head for a bit trying to figure out the first challenge but I got it eventually, only to realize Paul had given tips a few lines down that would have been helpful had I read them before starting the challenge. Oh, well, I figured it out. I also reviewed custom view modifiers and custom transitions. It made more sense after reviewing it again.

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Day 33 Completed

I finished day 33. This was a tough one. I had to go over a couple of the videos multiple times and I’m going to want to go back over ViewModifiers from day 23 and revisit the last video from this day again after I do that to understand things.

Having said all that, I was able to implement a simple explicit animation in simple todo list app that I made and it really makes the app more visually pleasing when I check off a list item. The item doesn’t immediately jump to the bottom of list jarringly, but slides nicely down.

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Day 31 Completed

I finished day 31. For some reason my rootWords were coming in as having one more character than they should have had. I don’t remember having this problem the first time I did this app. It showed up as a problem when I was checking to see if someone used the rootWord as their guess for the new word.

I was able to fix it by adding the .trimmingChareacters(in: .whitespacesAndNewlines). I checked Paul’s code and didn’t see it in there, but mine seemed to need it.

if let startWordsUrl = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "start", withExtension: "txt") {
            if let startWords = try? String(contentsOf: startWordsUrl) {
                let allWords = startWords.components(separatedBy: "\n")
                rootWord = allWords.randomElement()?.trimmingCharacters(in: .whitespacesAndNewlines) ?? "silkworm"

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Day 28 Completed

I finished day 28. My solution to challenge 3 was somewhat more complicated than Paul’s, so I implemented his instead. Mine worked but I seem to miss the obvious things on some of these. I did end up returning a tuple on the computed property sleepResults, so I could keep the original behavior that the function had with providing the alertTitle and alertMessage and I split them out into a Section header and Text View and got rid of the alert.

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Day 26 Completed

I finished day 26. Lots of good stuff on dates that I can use in my apps. I’ve been working with dates recently and this info will definitely help. I also want to try out Create ML on data I have been collecting from my workouts. It may be a bit over my head at this point, but it’s a chance to learn some more.

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