Day 41 Completed – Not really

I finished day 41, sort of. I was able to follow along and get the code up and running. The app looks great and it’s cool. I am, however, totally lost again. There was way too much information for me to process in todays lesson. I don’t really understand large parts of the app and I’m feeling frustrated at this point. Feeling like I’ve hit another brick wall. This happened to me with the iExpense app, and I ended up going back to the beginning and starting the 100 days over again and eventually made it through that app, but here I am once again stuck with the next app. Not sure what I’m going to do at this point.

Originally posted on Jan 25, 2022 on

At this point, I’m not even sure what questions to ask. I looked back at my notes and I understood the concepts from day 39 but I got lost in the app creation in days 40 and 41. I’m going to try and re-create the app working through those two days again one step at a time and see if it clicks or if I can come up with some more specific questions. Unfortunately, I got overwhelmed and frustrated and had to walk away from it. I went back to working on my own apps and implementing some of the things I’ve learned.

Basically, I fell into the trap of trying to do too much. Some of these days are going to require much more than a day for me to get through.

Originally posted on Jan 26, 2022 on

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